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It's that time again!!! We're renting out radio slots every Saturdays starting February 02, 2013. Reserve your slot(s) today!!! As of current, we have 16 opened slots.

We have been renting slots for 7 years to DJ's, but this is the first year we're offering this amazing oppurtunity to our registered artists like yourself, to be heard on our live radio.

If interested, all you need to do is record your show on CD and upload it to your Madd Radio account. You may do whatever you want for your show, ex, music, talk, mix shows! It must be no more than an hour long. Your show will play live for 4 consecutive Saturdays at the same time you sign up for.

You may invite anyone to to listen to your show. Some shows will re-run on Wednesdays. What are you waiting for? Reserve your slot for $10 down, through this weekend. Remainder must be paid by 01/25/13.

To reserve your slot, email me the time slot you prefer for your show and I will send you the link to make your down-payment. Send email to with Subject, "Radio Slot".

Time slots are first come, first served.


Saturdays: (February, 4 shows)

9, 10, 11AM  $30

12, 1, 2PM $40

3, 4, 5, 6PM $60

7, 8, 9PM $75

10, 11, 12PM $85 ( Music Shows Only )


If you need tools to get started, here's a link to Virtual DJ, it's free and amazing!!! You can play music from your computer just like a DJ and record it.


play "Occupy Wall Street"-Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town
When Country Music Takes A Detour (Driving Down An Open Road Mix) play When Country Music Takes A Detour (Driving Down An Open Road Mix)
Man With The Plan play Man With The Plan
Catalog play Catalog
Over It play Over It
Iron Horse play Iron Horse
E.F.S.- Everything From Scratch play E.F.S.- Everything From Scratch
Now & Forevermore play Now & Forevermore
Oliver Goodloe
Say Yes play Say Yes
Cinnamon Brown
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